Seasons in Madhuban

The Kumaon valley in which the Madhuban Ashram is situated has its fresh air and aspects of rhythmic nature cycles, yet we are facing the aftermath of earth global warming due to human lifestyle changes , the beckoning for new entrants to our space is to me mindful of:
  • Being judicious of using water in their daily stay here, please carry a non-plastic water bottle
  • Not bringing plastic here, except for a garbage bag
  • Carrying back your garbage to dispose of at the government disposal bin near Kathgodam station
  • Being mindful of not wasting any electricity or other natural resources
Seasons beckon you to get appropriate clothes:
  • Woolens and light woolens through Spring, Autumn and Winter,
  • Rain gear and umbrellas in Summers and Monsoon,
  • Walking shoes and extra socks for the treks to the mountain and river trail.
March - mid May
Spring in Madhuban is the season for new stirrings, sprouting of new leaves, greens in varied hues, return of the winged friends, and tulips, daffodils, narcissus, fruit blooms as far as the eye can see.
Mid May - MID JULY
Summer in Madhuban is fruit laden, water is less, air is fresh and the flora and fauna has a fullness to them, the honey suckle spreads its fragrance, the birds tweet and hyderngias and magnolia open themselves to show their glory.
MID JULY - August
Monsoon in Madhuban brings a freshness that is like elixir to the soul, trees look fresh and clean, the rippling river in front sings its own full song of water that enriches the pebbles entrenched in it. The magic in the sky with clouds in myriad hues is mesmerizing.
September - OCTOBER
Autumn in Madhuban has a yellow mellowness, the leaves teach many a lesson of surrender as they fall to become manure and cover the earth to keep the roots of all vegetation warm through the harsh months of winter.
NOVEMBER - February
Winter in Madhuban is a season of quietude to hibernate and rejuvenate, rest and work along the patterns of the sun for spring to come and bloom again.
Winter is harsh in many ways, as the human body has yet to be in harmony with its lessons.

All seasons beckon you!
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